Holiday Proposal - Old Edwards Inn - Adam & Susie
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December 28, 2017
By Capturing WNC Photography
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It's that season when we get a little time to slow down and be close to the ones that we love the most.  It's the celebration of the holiday season that gets us all thinking about family, deep connection, and new beginnings.  Watching Adam's proposal to Susie on Sunset Rock in Highlands could not have reminded us more of this.  During the time that we spent with Adam planning his proposal he told us of all of the things that he loves most about Susie and how natural it was for him taking this next step. 


From the conversations we had we knew they have something really special but the feeling of seeing the two of them together on Sunset Rock was really something else.  Despite all of the people that were on the rock that day Adam and Susie seemed to get lost in the moment, it was only the two of them and they wind and the late evening sky.  When Adam dropped to one knee tears of joy streamed down Susie face.  They were both so deeply happy to be starting this next chapter of their lives and being there to capture it makes our lives so much more beautiful.  Congratulations Adam and Susie!!! 

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